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Full Version: Please welcome SL-11573 MammaSith
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Please make welcome Night Sister Karis SL-11573 Mammasith.

In not only a Redback first but World Wide first Kayle has done a fanstastic job in making this character her own.

Well done Kayle looks amazing.

Keep an eye on Ventress....
[Image: sl11573_full.jpg] [Image: sl11573_head.jpg]
woohooo congratulations Mamma hope to see you out scaring kids soon.
Congrats, it looked very wicked at DW!
Nice one kayle Smile
Nice going Mammasith, looks epic
nice work, little Sith witch!
Nice Job with this one Kayle... Smile

You look almost as Evil as Your brother... Almost...!!! Wink
Looks epic, loved it at Dw and hope to see it again soon!!! Smile
Excellent Work!
It's in the blood...well done baby nightsister Doppeldaumen1NotworthyJig
Way to go honey , I can vouch for you being scarier than your brother though .
Good work. Congrats!
This looked wicked at Dreamworld Smile Congrats
Nice work with the World First...way to go Redbacks
Well done Kayle
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