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Full Version: Membership & Approval Process
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Welcome to the beginning of your journey in the 501st.

Have a look around our forums and introduce yourself in the Fresh Recruits section. Tell everyone a bit about yourself, what you do, where your from, what costume you are considering etc.

We do have a lot of experienced people here I am sure they would love to help you out. Everyone is very easy to get along with. Ask lots of questions if you don't know something. We all started off as cadets/rookies so there is no shame in asking questions, even if you think it is a stupid question. Everyone has a different skill level and skill set. So if you are having problems with something just ask and I am sure that someone will be there to try and help with some tips.

If you haven't done so already have a read through the Costuming and the Membership Requirements of the 501st.

Get to know what is called the Costume Reference Library (CRL)
This page will describe to you what the CRL is and give a list of the detachments and by clicking on each detachment it will show you a list of the costumes that they manage.

Detachments are the costuming units of the Legion. Their role is to assist new and old costumers alike in the understanding, formation and building of costumes.

You can also view the full list of all currently 501st approved costumes.
CRL by costume
There are CRL's for almost all 501st approvable costumes so have a look through them all if you get a chance. If the CRL is not complete or is still being worked on that is where the detachments are there to help.

Once you have decided on a costume I suggest that you sign up on the specific detachment for your costume research and build.

The CRL page for each costume will list all the parts required for the costume along with images so you can check/build your costume to match the CRL. Use the CRL and your detachment for your build. I strongly suggest that you do a build thread here on our forums and also on your detachment. That way you will always get feedback and avoid disappointment if something is not right at approval time. Some detachments maybe a bit slow in getting back to you, but remember this is a hobby and for fun your questions will get answered.

Be wary about purchasing anything online, run it by us first on the Redbacks forums and also on the specific detachment forums. A few people have been burnt buying online and the costume is unapprovable. Some costumes bought through online retailers may say 501st approved but in most cases the costume will need alterations to not only fit you but to meet the current CRL requirements.

If you are purchasing a previously approved costume this does not guarantee instant re-approval. The costume must still undergo the same approval process as any newly built costume and it will be subject to the current CRL.

So in short, sign up on the couple of forums, read and research the costume/s.

If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask.

Simplistic step by step guide to the approval process.

Ok, you have your costume ready to go.

Have you read the costuming requirements Costuming

Are you eligible to joint the 501st and the Redback Garrison Membership

1) Take pictures of your costume (while you're wearing it).
At a minimum head to toe, front, back, sides, bucket off and close ups of any costume specific details necessary for approval. Take the pictures in front of a solid-colored background that is a contrasting color to your costume. Make sure we can see the costume. Make sure all photos are clear and in high res. See HOW TO TAKE YOUR PICTURES FOR APPROVAL! on how to take the best possible approval photos.

2) Email the photos to Make sure that the attachments are 5meg or less per email. Compress images using winzip, use dropbox or similar, or a free site that allows you to share large files (eg
As part of the email please include the following information:
- Applicants name and forum name
- Legion ID number if already a member, otherwise state new member/cadet
- Name of the costume/character that the application is for ie Stormtrooper ANH Stunt
- Link to the CRL

3) Send a PM to the GML letting them know that you have sent pics via email or other method. They could end up in the spam box, and we don't want that. Once the GML has received your email they will respond to let you know that they have the information or if they require anything more from you.

4) If you haven't done so already jump on to the 501st site and register pick you ID numbers Join

5) Give it time. Depending on your costume it could take from a few days up to a few weeks. But we try and get comments back to you as soon as possible.

The costume will be appraised by GML's and the CRC to ensure that it accurately portrays the character to ensure that you meet the 501st Legion requirements and standards.

The GML will contact you to inform if you are approved or if there are alterations required for approval. The time frame for this will vary from approximately a week for for costumes with a complete CRL to two maybe three weeks for some EU and New To Legion costume. The delay with some EU and New To Legion costumes is that they have to go to the Legion Membership Officer in some cases for comment and approval.

If you are approved you will be notified by the GML, and you will graduate from Verified Cadet status to 501st Member. There will also be a welcome thread in the Garrison Command News section of our forums. At that point in the process you are officially part of the Redback Garrison & the 501st Legion.

If there are alterations required on your costume to get it approved, the GML will contact you with instructions/guidelines indicating what you need to change. Once you have made the changes resubmit your updated costume photos to the GML for approval.

6) Once approved start trooping. Have a read of the Trooper Survival Guide

If you have any questions about this procedure, don't hesitate to send the GML a PM.
This has been updated to include some additional information.

If in doubt please PM the GML.
Whilst going through the approval process, I've been going through the website, but notice I don't have access to parts of the calendar as it is a restricted site. At what stage do applicants have access to calendar so we can find out further information on upcoming troops?