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Note - This is a repost of GML Phantom's post in regard to maintaining our high trooping standards.

This is a break down for cadets and a bit of a refresher for all troopers of what the various costume standards are and what is required of you when you troop.

Costume Standards
This is broken down into various categories all set by Lucas films. These troops are usually, but not always, requested by Lucas films eg movie releases etc
G: Anything in the live action movies or directly from George Lucas
T: The theatrical and TV versions of The Clone Wars and the future live action TV series.
C: Continuity, more commonly known as the EU.
S: Secondary Continuity is the older material: Marvel comics, old novels, and other materials that don't quite fit with the G, T and C levels.
N: Non-canon, materials that blatantly conflict with more established levels.
S and N canon costumes will be judged on a case-by-case basis by the Legion Membership Officer(s).
501st Legion Thread

Is as you appear in the garrison roster, your costume in its approved unaltered state with all the parts in place and in working order. This is basically a canon costume.


Allows some leeway with the approved costume allowing some modification ie TKID, patches on shoulder bells, pauldrons on TKs all modifications should be cleared with the POC/CO/GML prior to the event.

Trooping In Unapproved Costumes
We have always given a cadet a chance to troop in his/her unapproved costume to work out any kinks and make sure it all fits well and can stand up to the rigors trooping. This is allowable once or twice as this should give you enough time to find out if anything needs fixing before submitting approval photos. If you would like to troop in an unapproved costume you should ask the CO/GML/GEC before the event. You must have all parts for your costume and be ready for approval, the costume must meet the approvable standards of the 501st, there are to be no substitutions unless agreed to with the GML.
If you have been given the ok to troop in an unapproved costume when you sign up for an event using the event sign up sheet please put UA after your costume title eg TB(UA).
The 501st and the Redbacks have a high standard when it comes to costumes. If you are trooping with the 501st/Redbacks from another group eg Rebel Legion, please make sure that your costume is up to the required standards with that group. The Rebel Legion is taking a similar stance to trooping in unapproved costumes. If you have any Rebel Legion questions please talk to the Rebel Legion Base CO.

Appropriate Costumes For Certain Events
Some costumes are not appropriate for some events. If you have a particular costume that you want to wear to a troop please discuss your costume choices with the POC/CO prior to the event.

This guest trooper thing has come up again.

Guest Trooper
A guest trooper is a 501st member from another garrison who attends the troop and troops in a 501st approved costume or assists in a wrangling role.

The Rebel Legion will be listed in a Rebel Legion attendance section and only when the Rebel Legion have been invited to attend an event. This will also apply for any other group that has been invited to troop alongside the 501st.

If you have any questions please ask the CO/GML.
Official Troop
Must be posted up on the forums at least 24hrs before an event, in order to give everyone a chance to signal their attendance. Please put down a suburb at least in the Venue Address.
Though on the rare occasions, there may an event organised at the last minute, the CO and XO will at their discretion determine the troops status.

All troops must also have a Event page along with the attendance list. Moxxxie has made a great interface so it is very simple to use just click on the Add an Event - Link to Calendar under the Events Planning section. Just be sure to get the date right. Please also use the Sign Up Sheet option at the bottom, again it is pretty simple and straight forward to follow.

I can not stress enough, that members attending troops, please use the sign up function and enter in your planned costume choice.
This helps the GML keep a track of who attended what, where and when at census time. It also helps you guys and girls keep a track of your own troops.

It is imperative that troop reports are completed in a timely manner. Within 7 days of the completion of the troop. The Point of Contact is responsible for completing the troop report, but at most troops there may be a discussion on who can do the report. They aren't that hard to do and can be a lot of fun to write, so don't feel as if you have been rail roaded into anything, if you don't want to do it just say so.

Read the Trooper Survival Guide on what to expect and what is expected at troops.

At official troops you are also covered by the Redback Garrison Public Liability Insurance policy.

Unofficial Troop
The costume is yours and yours alone and we can't say where, when etc you can wear it. But please bear in mind that we do have a reputation with the general public and we have a good rapport with quite a number of charities and we have a pretty good turn out when we do troops for them.

If we haven't been asked to attend an event it is prudent to at least ask permission to attend and not just turn up, they don't always approach us to attend and there may be a reason for this. We don't want to ruin our relationship with the charities we help on a regular basis. You should always ask permission and not just turn up at an event. This could be disastrous not just for the costumer but also for the organiser and they would be in their right to ask you to move on.

Also at unapproved troops you are not covered by the Redback Garrison Public Liability Insurance policy. So if, heaven forbid, that you injure poor little Timmy there may be a chance you could be out of pocket for a substantial amount of cash.

I have no problems with people going out in costume, it is your property after all. We just don't want to ruin the 501st or the Redbacks reputation. So please keep this in mind if you want to go out on your own.