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Note: Members who wish to volunteer as POC for an event listed, please PM the Garrison Event Co-ordinators.
# Date: Status: Title: Location: Organiser: RSVP:
1Sun 1-Mar-2015CancelledToowoomba Peak 2 Park
2Mon 4-May-2015CancelledRobertson State School National Family Reading Month
3Sat 30-May-2015CancelledRuncorn SS Fun Fest
4Mon 23-Feb-2015CancelledPrivate Birthday party - Moorooka
5Sun 8-Mar-2015CancelledCalyn's 9th Birthday and Seizure Dog fundraiser
6Sat 14-Feb-2015CancelledFebruary Visit - Royal Childrens Foundation LCCH
7Sat 4-Jul-2015CancelledCANCELLED - 40th Birthday - Alexandra Hills
8Sat 11-Apr-2015CancelledCanTeen Star Wars themed camp
9Sun 1-Mar-2015CancelledRockhampton HeartKids Qld
10Sun 1-Mar-2015CancelledColes troop for Hummingbird House
11Sun 13-Sep-2015CancelledParkinson's Queensland fundraiser Walk - New Farm Park
12Fri 27-Feb-2015CancelledFamily Day/155th Birthday Gallipoli Barracks - Enoggera
13Sat 16-May-2015CancelledSt Williams School
14Thu 2-Apr-2015CancelledGuf Games Autism Awareness Day Fundraiser
15Sat 11-Apr-2015CancelledA Sith (6th) Birthday Party
16Sun 22-Mar-2015Cancelled6th Birthday Party
17Thu 19-Nov-2015CancelledSchool Formal Escort - Kingaroy
18Mon 4-May-2015CancelledGraceville State School Active Travel event
19Sat 25-Jul-2015CancelledAussie World SciFi night
20Mon 4-May-2015CancelledRockhampton Star Wars Day
21Sat 2-May-2015CancelledEB Games Nerang Charity Fundraiser
22Sat 2-May-2015CancelledKidsflix Sunnybank
23Fri 29-May-2015CancelledBrisbane Astronomical Society Corporate Night
24Sat 31-Oct-2015CancelledMoreton Bay Regional Council Decades Festival
25Fri 22-May-2015CancelledSt Josephs Primary School Beenleigh
26Fri 12-Jun-2015CancelledSandgate State Primary School Disco
27Sat 6-Jun-2015Cancelled4th Birthday Party - Sunshine Coast
28Sat 31-Oct-2015CancelledKooralbyn Kollective
29Fri 30-Oct-2015CancelledAlgester State School Fete
30Sat 11-Jul-2015CancelledXengamez Store Opening
31Fri 5-Jun-2015CancelledParmalat staff farewell
32Fri 12-Jun-2015CancelledTamborine Mountain College
33Fri 23-Oct-2015CancelledSunnybank Hills State School Fete
34Sat 27-Jun-2015CancelledThe Lilly Pad Townsville
35Sat 29-Aug-2015CancelledWarrigal Road State School Fete
36Sat 29-Aug-2015CancelledFamily and Friends Rivermount College
37Sat 21-Oct-2017CancelledWedding
38Fri 14-Aug-2015CancelledStarlight Fundraiser - Broncos home game at Suncorp
39Sat 5-Sep-2015CancelledLighthouse Christian School Fete
40Sat 19-Sep-2015CancelledToowoomba Carnival of Flowers
41Sat 5-Sep-2015CancelledRuncorn SS Fun Fest
42Wed 18-Nov-2015CancelledStarlight, Starfight
43Fri 30-Oct-2015CancelledRonald McDonald House Halloween Party
44Wed 16-Dec-2015CancelledAnime Exchange TFA Premier
45Sat 14-Nov-2015Cancelled9 year old Birthday Party
46Wed 16-Dec-2015CancelledEvent Cinemas Loganholme Hyperplex TFA Premiere
47Sat 19-Dec-2015CancelledTFA troop for 4GR give me 5 for Kids
48Fri 18-Mar-2016CancelledSt Josephs Primary School Fete
49Wed 16-Dec-2015CancelledEvent Cinemas Myer Center TFA Midnight Screening
50Wed 16-Dec-2015CancelledEvent Cinemas Springfield TFA Midnight Screening
51Wed 16-Dec-2015CancelledEvent Cinemas Indooroopilly TFA Midnight Screening
52Sat 16-Apr-2016CancelledCherbon Waters Wedding
53Fri 20-May-2016CancelledShailer Park Backyard Wedding
54Sat 23-Apr-2016CancelledAlgester Scout Group Star Wars Themed Camp
55Sat 3-Sep-2016CancelledPatricks Road State School Fete
56Sun 17-Jul-2016CancelledSt Kieran's Primary School Fete
57Sun 22-May-2016CancelledFancy Dress Kids Disco
58Sat 16-Jul-2016CancelledBurrum Coalfest - Howard
59Sat 30-Jul-2016CancelledThe Gap State School Fete
60Sat 30-Jul-2016CancelledIndooroopilly State Primary School Fete
61Sun 10-Jul-2016CancelledCANCELLED - Riding for Disabled Association Queensland Inc
62Sat 24-Sep-2016CancelledWedding Marriott Hotel Brisbane
63Sat 15-Oct-2016CancelledCraigslea State School Fete
64Sat 27-Aug-2016CancelledBrisbane Valley Air Show
65Sat 3-Sep-2016CancelledChapel Hill State School Fete
66Sat 3-Sep-2016CancelledBlood Donation Day - Galactic Forces Challenge - Strathpine
67Sat 10-Sep-2016CancelledBanksia Beach State School Fete
68Mon 29-Aug-2016CancelledBlood Donation Day - Galactic Forces Challenge - Springwood
69Sat 8-Oct-2016CancelledFerny Grove State School
70Sat 10-Dec-2016CancelledHope for Humanity Christmas Party Hervey Bay
71Sat 3-Jun-2017CancelledVirginia State School Family Fun Day
72Fri 19-May-2017CancelledIpswich Show 2017
73Sat 5-Aug-2017CancelledWedding - St Lucia
74Sat 11-Nov-2017CancelledSt Anthony's Primary School Kedron Christmas Market
75Sun 30-Jul-2017CancelledWorongary State School Car Show Fundraiser
76Sun 16-Apr-2017CancelledApril Visit - Starlight wards - LCCH
77Sat 27-May-2017CancelledSt Michael's College Fair Caboolture
78Sun 16-Apr-2017CancelledConrodders Car Show - Hervey Bay
79Sat 23-Sep-2017CancelledSurfers Paradise Kids Week
80Tue 31-Oct-2017CancelledLady Cilento Halloween Party
81Sat 2-Sep-2017CancelledOakleigh State School Fete
82Thu 4-May-2017CancelledJedi Academy Townsville
83Thu 4-May-2017CancelledRed Frogs May the Fourth
84Sat 20-May-2017CancelledToowoomba Brick Event
85Sat 17-Jun-2017CancelledLions FC and Starlight Games Weekend
86Fri 23-Jun-2017CancelledMulticultural Day at Highland Reserve State School
87Sat 15-Jul-2017CancelledSt Luke's Catholic Parish School Fete
88Sat 15-Jul-2017CancelledNeurofibromatosis Walk for Awareness & Family Fun Day
89Sun 2-Jul-2017CancelledDial A Home Doctor Free Family Event - Hervey Bay
90Sat 2-Sep-2017CancelledSt Rita's primary School Fete
91Sat 5-Aug-2017CancelledCurrimundi State School Fete
92Sat 2-Sep-2017CancelledIronside State School Spring Fair
93Sat 16-Dec-2017CancelledTriple9's Younglings 5th Birthday Party
94Tue 24-Oct-2017CancelledSunnybank State Primary School Fete
95Sun 8-Oct-2017CancelledJDRF Walk for Cure - Rosewood
96Fri 15-Dec-2017CancelledLCCH Christmas Party
97Sun 8-Oct-2017CancelledSCARS & 4 Paws Annual Walk
98Sat 11-Nov-2017CancelledJDRF Walk for Cure - Canungra
99Sun 8-Oct-2017CancelledWalk For Awareness
100Fri 27-Oct-2017CancelledGeebung Special School Fancy Dress Dance
101Wed 13-Dec-2017CancelledThe Last Jedi - Event Cinema Springfield
102Wed 13-Dec-2017CancelledThe Last Jedi - HOYTS Sunnybank
103Wed 13-Dec-2017CancelledThe Last Jedi - BCC Cinema Capalaba
104Sat 25-Aug-2018CancelledSugar City Con 2018
105Fri 4-May-2018CancelledMorningside State School Active Travel Day
106Sat 4-Aug-2018CancelledGalactic Empire Charity Ball 2018
107Sat 4-Aug-2018CancelledQueen St Mall Parade 2018
108Sun 28-Jan-2018CancelledStar Wars Fan Day - Event Cinema Myer Centre Brisbane
109Fri 14-Dec-2018CancelledLady Cilento Children's Hospital Christmas Party
110Wed 31-Oct-2018CancelledLady Cilento Children's Hospital Halloween Party
111Wed 8-Aug-2018CancelledLady Cilento Children’s Hospital EKKA Party
112Fri 4-May-2018CancelledYeronga State School - May the Fourth
113Tue 27-Mar-2018CancelledThe Mini Farm Project
114Sat 12-May-2018CancelledGladstone Pop Con
115Fri 31-Aug-2018CancelledHoward State School Twilight Fete
116Sat 20-Oct-2018CancelledRelay For Life 2018 - Hervey Bay
117Wed 23-May-2018CancelledSolo - A Star Wars Story - Event Cinemas Myer Centre
118Wed 23-May-2018CancelledSolo - A Star Wars Story - Event Cinemas Loganholme
119Wed 23-May-2018CancelledSolo - A Star Wars Story - Event Cinemas Springfield
120Wed 23-May-2018CancelledSolo - A Star Wars Story - Event Cinemas North Lakes
121Wed 23-May-2018CancelledSolo - A Star Wars Story - Event Cinemas Indooroopilly
122Wed 23-May-2018CancelledSolo - A Star Wars Story - Event Cinemas Garden City
123Wed 23-May-2018CancelledSolo - A Star Wars Story - Event Cinemas Loganholme
124Sun 23-Sep-2018CancelledSony Foundation Children's Holiday Camp
125Sat 28-Jul-2018CancelledSt Columba's Primary School Great Fete
126Sun 22-Jul-2018CancelledFragile X Awareness Day
127Fri 31-Aug-2018CancelledStarlight Golf Day - Indooroopilly
128Sat 15-Sep-2018CancelledBald Hills State School Fete
129Sat 17-Nov-2018CancelledBurrum District Community Christmas Carnival
130Sat 4-Aug-2018CancelledGold Coast Disability Expo
131Sun 14-Oct-2018CancelledMurphys Creek Chilli Festival
132Sat 27-Oct-2018CancelledBowling For Nolan - Townsville
133Sun 5-May-2019CancelledDevoted 2 Dachshund Rescue
134Sun 6-Oct-2019CancelledStarlight Wards October Visit
135Sun 8-Dec-2019CancelledStarlight Wards December Visit
136Sat 13-Jul-2019CancelledRotary's Living Expo Hervey Bay
137Sat 1-Jun-2019CancelledSt Michael's College Fair
138Sat 29-Jun-2019CancelledTAVAS Air Show
139Sat 4-May-2019CancelledStarlight Week EB Games Bundaberg
140Sat 25-May-2019CancelledFaith Lutheran College Funfest Fete
141Sat 25-May-2019CancelledBrisbricks - Morayfield
142Sun 26-May-2019CancelledAlbany Fair/All Saints Primary School Fete
143Sat 8-Jun-2019CancelledPatriots and Parent Connect Bike Ride fundraiser
144Sun 25-Aug-2019CancelledCANCELLED - St Francis Xavier School Fete
145Sun 18-Aug-2019CancelledCANCELLED - Hear and Say Family Fun Day
146Sat 11-Apr-2020CancelledParents Matter Family Fun Day
147Sat 7-Sep-2019CancelledFantasyFest
148Sat 7-Sep-2019CancelledBundy Pop Mania
149Wed 24-Jun-2020CancelledDarling Point Special School Fun Run
150Fri 1-Nov-2019CancelledSunnybank State Primary School Fete
151Sat 7-Mar-2020CancelledStanthorpe Apple and Grape Harvest Festival 2020
152Sun 8-Sep-2019CancelledBig Red Kidney Walk
153Sat 23-May-2020CancelledRoboRave Robotics Competition
154Sat 2-Nov-2019CancelledGladstone PopCon
155Wed 18-Dec-2019CancelledRise of Skywalker Midnight Screening - Newmarket
156Wed 18-Dec-2019CancelledRise of Skywalker Midnight Screening - Capalaba
157Wed 18-Dec-2019CancelledRise of Skywalker Midnight Screening - Pacific Fair
158Tue 26-Nov-2019CancelledQueensland Children's Hospital 5th Birthday
159Wed 18-Dec-2019CancelledRise of Skywalker Midnight Screening - Browns Plains
160Wed 18-Dec-2019CancelledRise of Skywalker Midnight Screening - Brisbane Myer Centre
161Wed 18-Dec-2019CancelledRise of Skywalker Midnight Screening - Toowoomba
162Wed 18-Dec-2019CancelledRise of Skywalker Midnight Screening - Toombul
163Wed 18-Dec-2019CancelledRise of Skywalker Midnight Screening - Loganholme
164Sun 22-Dec-2019CancelledChildhood Kidney Support Network Charity Movie Night
165Wed 12-Feb-2020CancelledMoonlight Cinema VIP Screening - Rise of Skywalker - 501st Only
166Sat 28-Mar-2020CancelledBrisbricks - Toowoomba 2020
167Sat 25-Jul-2020CancelledSt Columba's School Fete
168Fri 26-Jun-2020CancelledStarlight Children’s Foundation Ward Visit - June
169Fri 6-Nov-2020CancelledStarlight Children’s Foundation Ward Visit - November
170Sat 2-May-2020CancelledChildren Hospital Foundation QLD Visit - May
171Sat 15-Aug-2020CancelledChildren Hospital Foundation QLD Visit - August
172Sat 18-Jul-2020CancelledFraserPop 2020
173Sat 14-Nov-2020CancelledMackay Special Children's Christmas Party
174Sat 12-Dec-2020CancelledSlide-A-Con V2.0
175Wed 4-May-2022CancelledJeremy & Alison's Wedding
176Fri 19-Feb-2021CancelledAly's 40th Birthday
177Thu 25-Mar-2021CancelledCANCELLED/DOUBLEUPPOST Wedding - Til Death Events
178Sat 19-Jun-2021CancelledCANCELLED - Out & Proud Festival
179Mon 21-Jun-2021CancelledCANCELLED - Honza's Wedding
180Sat 24-Jul-2021CancelledPLEASE IGNORE THIS EVENT - IT IS A FUNKY DOUBLE UP! Black Armour Hop Tour
181Sun 15-Aug-2021CancelledCANCELLED - Kallangur Bowls Club Charity Fundraiser
182Mon 23-Aug-2021CancelledCANCELLED - Sunnybank State Primary School Book Week Parade
183Sat 16-Oct-2021CancelledMonster Garage Sale and Craft Day
184Sat 4-Sep-2021CancelledStarlight Week - EB Games Bundaberg Hinkler
185Sun 5-Sep-2021CancelledPinot And Picasso Fathers Day
186Fri 22-Oct-2021CancelledAB Patterson College Year 12 Exam Lunch
187Fri 29-Oct-2021CancelledMackay Christmas Fair
188Tue 28-Sep-2021CancelledArundel Park Riding For The D
189Sat 20-Nov-2021CancelledChildren's Christmas Party - Mackay
190Sat 27-Nov-2021CancelledChildren's Christmas Party - Cairns
191Fri 29-Apr-2022CancelledDisability Service Providers & Participants Connection Expo
192Wed 18-May-2022CancelledRelay For Life
193Sun 8-May-2022CancelledKilcoy Show
194Sun 30-Oct-2022CancelledArundel Park Riding For The Disabled
195Sat 14-May-2022CancelledWedding
196Fri 27-May-2022CancelledSilver Anniversary @ Bounce
197Sat 26-Nov-2022CancelledSpecial Children's Christmas Party - Cairns
198Sat 15-Oct-2022CancelledRelay For Life Brisbane
199Fri 28-Oct-2022CancelledSunnybank State School Twilight Markets
200Sun 9-Jul-2023CancelledNJ Birthday
201Fri 13-Oct-2023CancelledEmmanuel College Concert Band Celebration
202Thu 29-Jun-2023Cancelled74th Redcliffe Show
203Sat 11-Nov-2023CancelledCANCELLED - Fake Wedding?
204Sat 10-Jun-2023CancelledQLD Day Family Fun Day
205Sat 1-Jul-2023CancelledMackay Lego Fans
206Sat 26-Aug-2023CancelledWynnum Manly Arts Council
207Sat 30-Sep-2023CancelledGhMX Gaming, Hobby, Model Expo
208Fri 15-Sep-2023CancelledTownsville Special
209Fri 1-Mar-2024CancelledBrisbane Disability Connection Expo
210Wed 13-Dec-2023CancelledIpswich Hospital Impact Day
211Sat 4-May-2024CancelledLearn For Life
212Fri 24-Nov-2023CancelledChildren's Hospital Dress Up Day
213Sat 13-Jan-2024CancelledLifeline Book and Comic Fest
214Sat 13-Jan-2024CancelledTrains, Planes & Automobiles Day
215Sat 20-Apr-2024CancelledKalbar Sunflower Festival
216Sat 23-Mar-2024CancelledChinderah Chilli and Chocolate Festival
217Sat 4-May-2024CancelledMay 4th Market
218Sat 4-May-2024CancelledMay 4th Gold Coast Libraries
219Sat 4-May-2024CancelledDendy Cinemas May 4th & 5th Screenings
220Sat 4-May-2024CancelledAngelika Cinemas May 4th Screenings
221Sat 22-Jun-2024CancelledWarwick Pop Culture Convention
222Sat 4-May-2024CancelledReading Cinemas Movie Marathon
223Sat 4-May-2024CancelledReading Cinemas Movie Marathon
224Sat 4-May-2024CancelledMay 4th Movie Marathon