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    Thread: New Member
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Welcome aboard. Lots of good advice from some of the Garrison members here. Most important thing you can do in the journey to building your costume is ask a lot of questions about what is right and...
Wendell Fresh Recruits 10 152 , 11:09 AM
    Thread: Scout Trooper
Post: RE: Scout Trooper

Welcome Pathfinder. There's a large number of troopers in the Garrison with Scout costumes. Hopefully they reach out and offer you assistance. Otherwise keep coming back and checking in here and we ca...
Wendell Fresh Recruits 4 37 Tuesday 28-Jun-2022, 03:01 PM
    Thread: Jessie's Party In The Park
Post: RE: Jessie's Party In The Park

Well done troopers. Great report Teiwaz.
Wendell Mission Reports & Photos 5 34 Tuesday 28-Jun-2022, 02:13 PM
    Thread: Oz Comic Con Homegrown Brisbane - March 2022
Post: RE: Oz Comic Con Homegrown Brisbane - March 2022

Ok, how good was it to be back trooping a Con? Brilliant ! Thank you Shawn for all your hard work and to your dedicated support staff. You all make the difference with these events. I don’t know ...
Wendell Mission Reports & Photos 14 406 Tuesday 29-Mar-2022, 11:10 AM
    Thread: please welcome our newest member TK17665 to the darkside
Post: RE: please welcome our newest member TK17665 to th...

Welcome aboard. Great first costume. Hope to see you at a troop soon
Wendell Garrison Command News 14 520 Wednesday 9-Mar-2022, 08:20 PM
    Thread: welcome Matt TB12776
Post: RE: welcome Matt TB12776

Welcome Matt. Great costume
Wendell Garrison Command News 16 1,362 Tuesday 16-Nov-2021, 06:21 AM
    Thread: Meet The Crew
Post: Meet The Crew

Name: Stewart Rolfe 501st ID: TI24242 Forum Name: Wendell Joined the Redback Garrison in April 2016 Current Approved Costumes: Reserve TIE Pilot, ANH TIE Pilot, 181st Fighter Wing TIE Pilot In my tim...
Wendell JRS Costumes 0 318 Tuesday 25-May-2021, 12:45 PM
    Thread: Congratulations Raptor BH61912
Post: RE: Congratulations Raptor BH61912

Congratulations mate.
Wendell Garrison Command News 9 2,320 Thursday 11-Mar-2021, 08:44 PM
    Thread: A Shy Shiny.
Post: RE: A Shy Shiny.

Hi Tali Welcome to the Redbacks TIE Pilot you say? Awesome choice. Clearly the best job in the Empire Great choice Wendell JRS Cadet Mentor JRS Command Staff
Wendell Fresh Recruits 6 1,183 Tuesday 9-Feb-2021, 07:40 PM
    Thread: New South Brisbane/Gold Coast
Post: RE: New South Brisbane/Gold Coast

You're taking the right approach to begin with. You can never do too much research. It's important to know the pros and cons of what armour is available, how costumes are different in each movie and h...
Wendell Fresh Recruits 10 1,432 Friday 15-Jan-2021, 04:12 PM
    Thread: Congratulations Cyclops TB51173
Post: RE: Congratulations Cyclops TB51173

Congratulations Boss.
Wendell Garrison Command News 6 2,001 Sunday 10-Jan-2021, 01:34 PM
    Thread: please welcome our newest member TK29566 to the darkside
Post: RE: please welcome our newest member TK29566 to th...

Welcome to the Garrison. Great TK costume
Wendell Garrison Command News 12 3,478 Tuesday 22-Dec-2020, 09:14 PM
    Thread: Really excited to be here! - Imperial Dan, Intro
Post: RE: Really excited to be here! - Imperial Dan, Int...

Welcome Dan. You’re in great hands. Not many cadets get a Detachment Leader help them build their first costume. You’re setting a high bar to start with. Good luck and can’t wait to see it completed.
Wendell Fresh Recruits 9 2,051 Sunday 8-Nov-2020, 08:06 PM
    Thread: Another Joining the Legion
Post: RE: Another Joining the Legion

Welcome. Great costume choice. Having built my own TFA Kylo costume I’ll agree it’s not at all easy to buy components. But it’s mostly soft parts and actually relatively easy, if not very time consumi...
Wendell Fresh Recruits 5 1,986 Saturday 8-Aug-2020, 12:38 PM
    Thread: Please welcome our Newest ID68351 -Col
Post: RE: Please welcome our Newest ID68351 -Col

Great costume. Welcome to the Garrison
Wendell Garrison Command News 12 5,217 Tuesday 4-Aug-2020, 07:37 PM
    Thread: Congratulations to ID33596 Wil _of_the_force
Post: RE: Congratulations to ID33596 Wil _of_the_force

Congratulations trooper. Time to get out there and take care of those Rebels
Wendell Garrison Command News 11 4,773 Tuesday 4-Aug-2020, 07:36 PM
    Thread: Congratulations Sticky!!!
Post: RE: Congratulations Sticky!!!

Welcome to the flight deck Sticky. Now go shoot up some Rebel Scum
Wendell Garrison Command News 11 6,333 Sunday 31-May-2020, 11:56 AM
    Thread: Thank You
Post: RE: Thank You

hear hear Thanks Altair
Wendell Garrison Command News 5 4,376 Friday 1-May-2020, 07:28 PM
    Thread: Hi from the UKG
Post: RE: Hi from the UKG

Hi Bob Welcome to down under
Wendell Fresh Recruits 7 2,161 Friday 28-Feb-2020, 04:40 PM
    Thread: Saying Hi from the GGG
Post: RE: Saying Hi from the GGG

Hi Jenn Welcome to the other side
Wendell Fresh Recruits 17 5,453 Friday 28-Feb-2020, 04:36 PM
    Thread: Hello from Ipswich, Qld!
Post: RE: Hello from Ipswich, Qld!

Welcome to the forums. Sounds like a few of the locals have already got you started on your journey. Call out if you want any guidance on how the costume approval process works and who to talk to. The...
Wendell Fresh Recruits 9 3,456 Friday 27-Dec-2019, 02:54 PM
    Thread: New cadet looking to wrangle in Toowoomba!
Post: RE: New cadet looking to wrangle in Toowoomba!

Welcome Alex . Great time to start wrangling as there’s a movie premier next week and the Toowoomba Christmas parties. Anyone from Toowoomba able to help Alex with info to get to local events?
Wendell Fresh Recruits 5 1,982 Thursday 12-Dec-2019, 04:27 PM
    Thread: DL-44 Black Leather Holster
Post: RE: DL-44 Black Leather Holster

Try Mammasith
Wendell Armoury 2 419 Thursday 28-Nov-2019, 05:03 PM
    Thread: Congratulations to Hendo -TB19010
Post: RE: Congratulations to Hendo -TB19010

Another tree hugger. Welcome to the Garrison
Wendell Garrison Command News 11 6,960 Tuesday 26-Nov-2019, 08:08 PM
    Thread: New Recruit Aus
Post: RE: New Recruit Aus

Welcome to our forums. There’s a few members with solid experience in Clone Trooper armour and I’m sure they will give you great direction to get you started. Good luck
Wendell Fresh Recruits 10 4,244 Friday 25-Oct-2019, 07:28 PM