Springwood Blood Bank
Troop Report 
Springwood Blood Bank Troop

Location: Springwood Blood Bank Troop, Springwood

Weather: Beautiful day to let the red stuff flow.

Date /Time: 03/07/2010 12.00pm

TD3409 Apok - Plasma
DZ7622 Sniper - Blood
TK6232 Moxxie - Blood
TK0889 Cobra - Blood
TK4132 Wolf - Blood
TB6263 Redpaint - Blood
TB7925 Cheif - Blood
SL2562 Draco
SL3208 Kitiara


Mission: To raise awareness for people to donate blood and plasma.

Summary: Armed with the blood pumping through our veins we first took some photos for the local paper and Red Cross Media outlets. Once we had the photos and visiting the good Imperial citizens that were donating to save our fellow troopers. One lady was going to donate to Jedi scum but she was terminated. Her own fault really. Lol

Injuries: Seven of us sustained needle in the arm injuries. All are recovering well and there was no passing out.

Public Incidents: None. Everyone is keeping quiet about the lady we had to terminate.

Malfunctions: Moxxxie had a leg issue, then a something in her tooth issue, then the needle not going in easily issue. The nurse that couldn't get it in right was terminated.

Happy People: The good Imperial citizens that were already donating and the staff. They were very impressed with our attitude and armour.

Not Happy People: Probably the families of the nurse and the lady that wanted to donate blood to the Jedi. If so they will be terminated!!!!

Mission Status: A success. We had 1 more donation than last Novembers blood drive with a total of 6 whole blood and 1 plasma. Good effort team. Get ready for the next one here on the Gold Coast in November. Details to follow soon.

Link to pics here

Apok out
Great troop! well done to all involved!!!
Pics added, slideshow and photobucket link in Apok's report above
Great work Redbacks
Wish i could have been there

ps Adam, remember Sandtroopers are always right
Same here, Sad that I had to miss this one. Wasn't even busy at work. Sad
Had a fun day today, thanks everyone and to Apok for organising it. Put me down for the next Book Bank troop.Smile

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*tsk* I keep telling everyone we need Redback brand Bandaids!

Great troop today guys :D
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(Saturday 3-Jul-2010, 06:59 PM)muppet Wrote:  ps Adam, remember Sandtroopers are always right

Damn straight we are always right. Us Sandies are the hardest working troopers in the galaxy.Hehehe
Great work, Troopers.
Real democracy is not something that can be palmed off with a click of a mouse once a year, a crossed box and crossed fingers.

Democracy is for life, not just elections.

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nice job guys
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I survived Supanova 2010:dw11::sn11:DW2012
nice work guys!
Yes, good job. Seems like you all had a "bloody" good time! Hehehe
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nice work guys. bad joke micheal :P
A man in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested. 
great work guys and girls
Economical Assault Trooper
It was a great troop thanks again APOK.


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