Haven 2017
[Image: RNYBrKxl.jpg?1]
Date: July 3rd 2017

Venue: MECC Mackay

Time: 10.00-15.00

Mission: To bring happiness and joy to Con attendees while raising funds for local charities

Trooper Attendance:

RedBack Garrison: 

13974 DannytheBlue TK

16426 Red Empress   Royal guard

25087 pecklez             TX

13505 Xmez                DZ Tusken Raider

46824 TripleSix           TK


Dozza                           TK


Our generous organizer allowed the Redbacks to attend the first of the 2 day event as guests which meant there were a few different get ups going around that evening.
[Image: YGGCwg4b.jpg] [Image: tPULZ4Db.jpg] [Image: hqoRkgjb.jpg?1] [Image: L1P1K9mb.jpg?1] [Image: RHFH4XSb.jpg] [Image: 0OdPofpb.jpg] [Image: bHIIn9db.jpg]

Then on to the main event..........

An early start for the real troopers. 8.30 on a Sunday morning?! You have got to be either crazy or keen. I'm sure the Troops that attended were both!

Lined up at the entrance, a spectator would be able to see three types of kids (and some adults) coming in the main doors. 
1. Sheer terror as these big Star wars statues coming to life and asking to see there I.D.s or at least nervous HI-5's
2 Shock and disbelief with gaping jaws and bugging eyes.
3. Utter excitement as their favorite charterers from Star wars waiting to greet them and grab a photo that their school friends wouldn't believe.

The rest of the troop was spent mingling with the Con attendees grabbing numerous selfies, posing like buffoons, photobombing and recruiting like there was no tomorrow.

To those who missed out. They missed one amazing event.

Charity Funds Raised:  TBC

Injuries / Malfunctions: Multiple armor bites and brain freeze from the frozen drinks

Public Incidents: NIL

Mission Status: Success

[Image: zElqVdyl.jpg][Image: iEVTrdnl.jpg]
[Image: VUCFD9ll.jpg][Image: D3Fqubcl.jpg]
[Image: YmlgMohl.jpg][Image: 2y3cUAxl.jpg]
[Image: 4FRnMLPl.jpg][Image: eBPMvQOl.jpg]
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

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So disappointed we missed this one. Congrats on a great troop guys.
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[Image: VZnMXmI.jpg]
Great work Troopers!
FNG  OCC2017  CVIII DW2017  BN16 OCC2016
Great report Nick , it was a very good weekend .
Tusken " Better DEAD Than SMEG!!! " DancingTK

dont forget to add photos to the redbacks imgur account please for archiving and history please.

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Distance traveled to troop: 97261kms
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Great report Nick and good photos. Aren't we world class posers?  Peace  It was a fun event
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