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I've noticed you guys around at different functions over the last few years and love the idea of raising $$$ for different causes.  And it looks like a lot of fun and I'd like to join.
I live in Brisbane and was wondering if there is a shortage of a particular costume or character in this area?  I'm old school so would be interested in something from ANH or ESB.  Any suggestions?  As newbies do we have to go with certain generic character and "work our way up" to the cooler ones?  (boba Fett, Darth Vader, etc).
I should've asked this when I had the chance at the Lego function last weekend.  Anyway, thanks for the advice!
Welcome Jeff
Best bet is to just do what ever costume you most want to do. If you want to do Vader or Fett, then do it, there is no working your way up to be any character.
Just do a lot of research before making any decisions. Sign up to the 501st Detachment for what ever costume you might consider making.
Ask lots of questions.
Hi Jeff,

ANH TIE Pilots are always in demand, relatively inexpensive (by comparison) and absolutely awesome......just an idea [emoji6][emoji6]

Welcome to the forums and good luck!!

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FIRST ORDER STORMTROOPER. that is the most demanded of all costumes... ok, maybe its just me but i could do with a 2nd of me.
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(Thursday 5-Oct-2017, 07:15 AM)Shoots McBlaster Wrote:  As newbies do we have to go with certain generic character and "work our way up" to the cooler ones?  (boba Fett, Darth Vader, etc).

As the other gents have said you can do any costume you like Smile
If it helps I'll try break down some of the 'costs' for some of the costumes 

Fett and Vader are among the most expensive costumes in the Legion and will take thousands of dollars unfortunately just because of the complexity of them (Usually sitting in the neighbourhood of $3500 - $6000 and take a number of years to build)

Whereas Stormtroopers are around $600-$700 if memory serves me right (could be tad different), so they're way way cheaper and quicker to build then some of the high profile stuff. Then there's the TIE Pilot as Slide suggested which is similar but not as expensive as a Stormtrooper I believe.

Then more affordable again are the Reserve TIE Pilots and pretty well all the Imperial Officers, which you can do quite well for a few hundred typically.

Have a read through the CRL's, there's way more costumes than you could possibly imagine and sign up to the relevant detachment forums if anything strikes your fancy!

Anyway hopefully that kinda helps, welcome to the forums! 
Enjoy your time here, choose a costume you like and enjoy the ride!  Doppeldaumen1
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Hi and welcome to the forums.

Brisbane Supanova is not too far off. I would recommend getting along if you can, that way you'll be able to talk to members about a variety of costumes and see them close up.
Welcome to the forums
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Welcome to the forums.
Welcome Jeff,
Slide Effect is wise - ANH Tie Pilots are the most sort after costume, but I'm a little biased hahaha
Come along and see us at Supanova as there's sure to be a few of us who can talk to you in depth about your favourite costume.
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Thanks for that info, it's temping to rush out and start buying but doing the research (as I'm already discovering) is the way to go. $3000+ is a bit to drop on a first costume, so maybe a Tie Fighter Pilot is a bit more reasonable starting out! lol
I will stop by at Supanova and talk (assuming you're not too busy).
Thanks for the info and help,
Jeff we'd love to see you at Supanova. We'll have a good display of costumes and props and hopefully a big crowd coming along to see them. If you come during the peak hours we won't have much time to talk to you, but it will calm down later in the day. Hang around until it dies down a bit and we'll have plenty of people to talk to you.
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Welcome aboard. Ask questions, listen to the advice and take your time. It'll save you time and money in the long run.
Hi Jeff I recently joined and had the same process going on in my head too. I ended up going with a tie Reserve to start with. I have now ordered my helmet and armour to become a full tie pilot. To be honest Adam is a great mentor and you will be blown away by the awesome people in the Jolly Roger Squadron. Just sayin [emoji4]

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I can recommend Mammasith if you're doing something with a flight suit. I have two of hers now, and my first flight suit has done over 100 troops and has many more to go. I bought a second one for events over multiple days, I'm very happy with both.
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Mammasith makes the best flight suits tailor made to your measurements love my flight suit and hat. A master seamstress.

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