17-12-17 Reading Cinemas Newmarket Opening Weekend
Troop Report 
: 17 Dec 2017

Venue: Newmarket Reading cinemas

Time: 1130 - 13:00

Mission: help promote the great new shiny Reading Cinemas aswell as The Last Jedi

Trooper Attendance:
RBG: TKID and username/costume
Beanie TLJ TK 4159
Blue IC 11005
Booster ANH Tie 23967
MyKill Tie Reserve 20552
Wendell ANH Tie 24242


MM/GA etc: N/A

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance: N/A

Details: arrived and was escorted to a side staff room to change in. When ready we walked out and the crowds begun to queue to get pictures with us, I was asked to do the cinemas walk through check at the start of the movie, which was interesting during a dark movie and climbing steps.
We gathered and went downstairs to an underground parking area that was cornered off and turned into a Star Wars and food street style market area, with VR Starwars and games, food stalls. more pics and then went back to the aircon foyer. 
and then... the entire cinemas lost power, the patrons all flowed out, and with us there i believe soften the blow of upset movie goers!

after about 30mins more of the public pictures, it emptied out and we headed back into the darkness to change and left.

It was also great to have Booster on his first troop outing, well done trooper!

Charity Funds Raised: $37

Injuries / Malfunctions: none (unless you call a power outage one!?)

Public Incidents:

Mission Status: Success, love these simple and easy troops, just a fun event with great people!

Photos:[Image: Js2h5Wn.jpg][Image: f64rDl5.jpg][Image: ahv68cj.jpg][Image: 3RXsA3U.jpg][Image: fEAElJv.jpg][Image: K4ptrL3.jpg]
[Image: CtjvZdX.gif]
Distance traveled to troop: 97261kms
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Great work guys... pity about the power!

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Renae (Gix)

Nice work guys!
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Dekitting by phonelight was certainly a new experience - but apart from that it was a great day!
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This was a great small troop. Once the power went out I walked the dark halls leading to the cinemas where the only visible light was my cross guard saber... needless to say the cinema patrons leaving each of the cinemas to return to the foyer were met with a menacing Kylo Ren. They loved it
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Thanks for a great troop guys thoroughly enjoyed it. Lucky we had Wendell there with his portable lighting tower.

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