Maryborough May the 4th Wedding
Troop Report 
Friday May 4th 2018


2:30pm - 5:00pm

To make 2 Star Wars fans very happy on their special day by adding Redback awesomeness to the wedding.

Trooper Attendance:

Sam & Trish are massive Star Wars fans and wanted to add a special touch to their wedding. What better way than to have the Redback's there.

3 shuttles converged on the locations mid afternoon and proceeded to scope the area for a hold bay. As per usual, the command shuttle arrived after the first 2 had landed, as per protocol in the Wide Bay procedures manual. 

One of the shuttles had made a very long journey to attend, carrying 3 committed and much appreciated troopers.

Whilst in a holding pattern waiting for the bride to arrive, the troopers rehearsed their parade duties and captured a few quick holopics.

[Image: K9EzVnW.jpg]

[Image: 7HHfwzs.jpg]

There was a lot of LOVE TIEing everything together  Eyebrows  with Firestorm making his debut as a fully fledged TIE Pilot. 

[Image: Vxlv5WX.jpg]

Whilst waiting for the bride to arrive, Tempus_Redux reminded MyKill of his duties.

[Image: jbgEUzc.jpg]

The bride arrived and then was escorted to the alter by the troopers, who then stood guard as she walked down the aisle.

[Image: eKjAX37.jpg]

After the ceremony, the troopers posed for many, many holopics with the happy couple and their guests.

[Image: 9xuHUdm.jpg]
[Image: 5JVHWN3.jpg]
[Image: NV13uN3.jpg]

After posing for all the pics, Baytrooper and Tempus_Redux commandeered a local form and transport (The rarely seen AT-EMu) and were making their war back to the docking bay when Baytrooper spotted the bride getting ready to throw the bouquet.

[Image: HAbeCqn.jpg]

Tempus was a little "concerned" with Baytrooper's choice of transport.

[Image: WH79GC5.jpg]

We made it safely to compete for the bouquet.

[Image: 6YKB2ks.jpg]
[Image: hHvLj2p.jpg]

Tempus_Redux must have used some sort of "Force Leap" to get it. He let us all know about it too.

[Image: ybMCcAo.jpg]

Charity Funds Raised: $501 being donated to the Redbacks Hervey Bay Relay for Life Team.

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil

Public Incidents: N/A

Mission Status: 
Massive success. Lots of fun had by all. Again, a big thank you to Teiwaz for commanding the shuttle that made the trip up from Brisbane way, bringing with him Donut and MyKill.

**Customary Fish'n'Grill Parmi's followed the troop  Doppeldaumen1 

Td + Snowie -- Still working on   Bobafett 
Amazing job to all who attended!! The bride and groom looked like they loved having the redback/Razorback presence!!

Massive thumbs up to Tewiaz, Mykill and Donut for the big trip up - especially the latter two for their early morning troop with starlight that day! Superstars

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Was a great fun troop! Massive thanks to the southern support crew! Like squid mentioned, the total time donated to trooping and traveling that day was insane as the drive is massive and drive home Post-FNG-Parmy must be very challenging as its close to coma inducing. I think the Parmies may have been slightly larger than usual also.

Also so great to see firestorm in full TIE kit for the first time looking shiny in his brand spanking new TIE armour.
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Great report Baytrooper. Another fun troop with the Razorbacks and a good kickoff for the Relay for Life team.

MyKill got up at 4am, picked up Donut, trooped the Starlight troop in the city, drove to my place, Beefy pie in Gympie, trooped the wedding, FishnGrill parmy, recce of the Relay for Life park, coffee with Matilda at Kybong, dropped off Donut on his way home then trooped Petra's wedding the next day. The man is a machine.

Donut congrats on his first FishnGrill parmy, and discovering Beefy pies then later realising he has one 500m from his house.

Thanks boys, a great way to spend May 4th.
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Excellent work champions .
Great trip up, the wedding was cool - and the trip home from Hervey was fun in its own right.

Hehehe Teiwaz, Technically, I got up at 3am Hehehe

When I got home at midnight - I may have gone to sleep still wearing my shoes Lol
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Big effort from everyone!
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