Hi from Morningside & help requested
Hi everyone,
I’m brand new to the world of trooping! I have been wanting to get into it for years now, and have finally built up the courage (and budget) to give it a go. I’ve been a SW fan ever since my cousins who babysat me and my siblings brought over ANH on VHS many many years ago Smile My nickname here is my real world personalised rego plate!
After doing some research I ordered a ANH TK stormtrooper kit (trimmed) from Authentic Props, which will hopefully arrive by the end of November. I also got the accessories pack from AP and will still need to source boots, undersuit and a neck seal. I was hoping to get a blaster through one of AP’s contacts but due to replica weapon import restrictions that won’t be possible and I’ll have to figure out a solution for that.
At first I wanted to buy a ready-to-wear set of armour, as I have never assembled a kit before and I consider myself rather DIY-challenged, lol. I’m way too scared I’ll muck something up and snap a bit of armour in half or something. But the members at Ladies of the Legion on FB recommended I get in touch with my local garrison to ask for advice and help putting a kit together, since that will obviously get me a much better fit that will actually have a much better chance of getting approved. And that is the end goal of course, so here I am!
So a couple of questions.
-         Can anyone recommend a supplier for an undersuit and neck seal?
-         I’m looking at Imperial Boots for the white boots. Are they a reputable mob?
-         Anyone in Australia that can make a 501st approved E-11 Trooper blaster?
-         Last but not least; are there any garrison members who would be willing to help me assemble my kit once it arrives (I’m in Morningside, Brisbane)? Ladies of the Legion mentioned ‘build parties’, is that something you guys do?
I’m excited to hopefully soon become a part of the awesome 501st Legion, until then please be kind to a troop n00b, I know I have lots to learn still but I’ll eventually get there, I promise Wink
(Morningside, Brisbane)
Welcome to the forums Esther , AP is definitely a good choice in terms of quality armor , Imperial Boots make a quality product at a reasonable price . It is worth a PM to Crypto to see if he can help you with an E11 . Mammasith can help with a TK neckseal , belt and holster . Our garrison TK expert is Sly , Detachment XO for FISD and really helpful guy , he also does a really good helmet fan kit , undersuits are an open ended choice , Aldi have special from time to time but Ebay can help with unbranded sports compression suits , they are as cheap as $40 for tops and bottoms, have you signed up on the FISD Detachment as yet , they are a wealth of info for TK builds .
Hiya Esther,

Welcome to the Redback Forums, great to see you are all over the research side of things and have made some great choices already!!

As Cyclops says - Sly is a great resource (and semi reasonable kinda guy for a TK), Im sure he will be along soon to chime in.
For your neck seal I would definitely recommend you message Mammasith here on the forums, she does great work.

I would thoroughly recommend you head to the build section on the forums here and start a build thread, you can post up pics and details and heaps of people will be available to help you out with advice and tips.

As for Armour Parties, yes these certainly happen from time to time so keep your eyes peeled - I am thinking about hosting one in the near future so we may be able to hook this up with your anticipated BBB (Big Brown Box day when your armour arrives).

Welcome aboard and hope you really enjoy the journey of making a movie accurate costume that will wow the onlookers!!

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Welcome to the Redback forums Esther.
Watch that bloke Slide Effect, these fly boys get kinda cocky lol
I'm guessing if you bought an AP kit, you have already been onto the Stormtrooper forums www.whitearmor.net
As the guys have mentioned, certainly is a wealth of knowledge over there, and thousands of other AHN TK's to help guide you on this wonderful journey you have embarked on.
You do have some options with E11 blasters. Krypto if you dont want to build a kit yourself, locally made and a great option, or Doopy Doo's (resin E11 Kit)
you can import these no troubles at all. For piece of mind there is a form you can fill out which is lodged by the police which stops customs from holding up your parcel.
These are a kit from which you assemble and paint yourself, if you want the full build it yourself experience.
Good luck on your journey, its a blast for sure.
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Hi Esther
Welcome to the forums , the guys have set you up with good contacts .
Armour parties are put on by members , if there aren't any happening have one yourself Smile
It's a great way to meet members and get help on your kit.
Good luck
Thanks for the warm welcome and the helpful tips, much appreciated!

I've messaged MammaSith and Crypto so hopefully I'll be able to source a neck seal and blaster from them. I'll order a pair of boots from Imperial Boots. Will be keeping an eye out for an undersuit on eBay-y sites and such. Ah, it's all coming together, I love it Smile

I've just signed up to FSID as well, wealth of info there too, super helpful.

@Slide Effect - are build parties announced in any particular area of the forums? So I can keep an eye out for the announcements.

There is so much info out there, it's a tad overwhelming, but I'll keep chipping away at it and it's great knowing there's such a great community here to go through the build process - and eventually trooping - with!

Husband is a bit hesitant about trooping at the moment, but is interested in wrangling, so I'll let him have a read of the threads regarding that. Would be nice if he could get involved too, he's a big SW fan too but not quite ready to troop yet. That's alright, I'll happily take up the role of pioneer in my family Wink
I joined before my husband as did a few other ladies here, don't worry they eventually join up Smile
(Sunday 30-Sep-2018, 07:59 PM)MammaSith Wrote:  I joined before my husband as did a few other ladies here, don't worry they eventually join up Smile

I've been prodding him a bit, asking him who he would dress as if he ever joined... I like Krennic so I'm hoping he takes a hint  Hehehe
Welcome aboard. If your hubby wants to just dip his toe in to get started, a Reserve Tie Pilot is an easy and relatively cheap costume to start with. It's also the starting point as a basis for many other Imperial costumes..... and yes, he could even become a fly boy Tie Pilot (not a leading statement in any way hahahaha)
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My husband just assumes I will sign him up and let him know when its done!!

so keep an eye out for Mr Kelz!! lol
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Welcome to the forums Esther. A good way to start is to sign up for some troops and meet people. There are troops most weekends, just turn up and see how it all works. And bring your husband!
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Hi Esther!

Welcome to the Redback forums.
Plenty of helpful guys and girls in the Garrison.
While you're waiting for your costume bits to arrive, sign up to help out at some troops - that way you get to meet members and can see some of the costumes up close.
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Welcome to the forums! Best piece of advice I can give is to come and wrangle at an event so that you get to meet members, see costumes up close, get a feel for the way things are run and get advice from members. Looking forward to meeting and trooping with you.
Welcome to the forums Esther! All the best with your build. Hope to see you at a troop soon.
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Thanks everyone!

I met MammaSith and cyclops today so got a neck seal on its way and learnt loads, was able to test drive some pieces of armour and experience the notorious limited vision with a bucket on! I brought hubby along and he is starting to get keen, is definitely interested in wrangling but still a bit unsure about starting a costume for himself. That's okay, baby steps, we'll get there.

Crypto is going to make me a blaster so pretty much all I have left to source now is a pair of boots. Waiting for Imperial Boots to do another wave, should be soon I hope. Then there's all the bits and pieces for putting the armour together - got some good pointers on that today as well and have bookmarked BIDS build thread. BBB day is still a while away, so I have some time to do more research, gather tools and things, and hopefully join a troop as suggested one of the upcoming weekends. Between work and our holiday to visit the fam back in the Netherlands this December I should be able to squeeze a troop in, fingers crossed!

Thanks again for all your help so far, I really appreciate it. Will start a build thread soon as well for my no doubt myriad questions once this project gets under way!

Oh and I've been advised to change my username, hehe... to be continued Wink

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