Hello all :)
Hello everyone  Smile am very happy and excited to have just discovered the 501st have such an active legion here in Queensland.  I think the work that the 501st does is fantastic and it would be a joy to join and be apart of something so wonderful. I'm currently doing my cert 3 in individual support and have been volunteering for 'A Place to Belong' (west end) through Anglicare for a few years now working with autistic and special needs community members. I would love to expand my ability to bring smiles to those wonderful people and the 501st seems like a perfect fit as I've been a huge Star wars fan all my life. I don't have any experience in trooping so I'm just starting my journey and learning allot about all that's involved. The character that I'm drawn too is Revan so I've been hunting where to acquire the costume from, so far I see the wicked armor Revan v2 looks good. If that raises any red flags I'd love any input or advice.
I've just found your YouTube page (Redback Garrison) and subscribed but noticed the last upload was 3 yrs ago, wondering if there's a more recent channel I may have missed? In my previous work I was a multimedia producer for 15yrs and would love to offer any help or assistance with video/audio production.
Peace and love to all...
kind regards, Robert.
Hi Robert and welcome , we have currently an active social media presence on Facebook, your motivation snd choice of costume are both awesome . Sign up to Flagship Eclipse Detachments and fire away with costume specific questions. This is the link to Revan CRL and what is required for the costume. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_revan
Good luck with your journey.
Cheers Cyclops Smile thanks heaps for the link it's a great place to start Smile
Welcome Robert
Revan is a challenging costume, as Cyclops has said sign up to the Flagship Eclipse detachment as they have information there as well as have a good read of the CRL for Revan (Cyclops gave you the link)
Any questions please ask
Welcome to the Redback Forums!
Welcome to the forums Robert!
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Welcome to the forum Robert. Revan is such a great looking costume, good choice
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Thanks for all the warm welcomes Smile
Welcome to the forums. Best piece of advice I can in regards to getting trooping experience under your belt is to attend a troop and do some wrangling. It is a great opportunity to meet members, get advice and see what trooping is like. I did that at the start of last year asnd it really got me off on the right foot in developing an understanding of how everything works. Darth Revan is one of my favourite characters but as mentioned can get a bit complicated because of all the intricate details. Excited to see you costume progress and hope to meet you at a troop soon.

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