Sony Foundation Troop Report
Troop Report 
Sony Foundation – Toowoomba Grammar school

Trooper attendance: CC:33827 Bolt, TK:90579 Scotty33, TB:12311 Teiwaz, TI:20552 Mykill, DZ:70809 Dark Dora

RL attendance: Ashlyn_Dubreas

Date: 21/09/19

Mission: To meet disabled kids and make their day!

The objective of this troop was to meet some of the kids who were staying for three days at a special camp. It was hosted at Grammar school and year 11 students were there to look after the kids. One of the boys parents were part of the Wagners family (Local millionares) so they showed off by flying their helicopter in for everyone too look at. 

Mission Status: Success!!

13:00 – I arrived and met the event organizer. Mykill and Ashlyn_dubreas arrived not long after. 
13:15 – Teiwaz and Dark Dora arrived and we brought our gear to the change room. We got a proper changing room which was nice!
13:30 – Scotty arrived and we did some recon for where we were trooping. 
13:40 – We were suiting up and getting ready.
13:50 – Climbing up the hill we were swarmed by kids! Taking photos and taking the time to listen and talk to them we made sure to keep an eye on our gear as they wanted to touch and take anything that wasn't strapped down! 
14:00 – A private helicopter landed on the oval and we approched for more photos
14:30 - We wrapped up and headed back to de-kit
15:00 - Packed and went back to base

Malfunctions/injuries: My armour took some damage from the over excited kids, a lightsaber was stolen but retrieved.
Public incidents: None!

[Image: 48773039606_bee3cfe771_c.jpg]

[Image: 48773039481_d350e2a7aa_c.jpg]

[Image: 48772693743_8fb7f716b4_c.jpg]
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Nice work everyone.
Great troop this one with the kids, thanks Bolt.
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Great work troopers
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Great work guys!
Automatic doors make me feel like a jedi 

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Loved this troop. Thanks for organizing it Bolt
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great work as always guys. sorry I couldn't make it!
Peace FNG Peace
Awesome work troopers. Well done!
                                                      "I can't see a thing in this helmet."
Fantastic work guys!

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I am so glad I found you and didn't kill you.
Just recieved an email from the event organiser thanking us for attending!

Dear Luke,

On behalf of all the children who attended this year’s Sony Camp, I wanted to thank you and all the other volunteers from the 501st Legion. It was fantastic to have Star Wars characters at the Camp. I really appreciate the time your volunteers gave up and those who made the trip from Brisbane to help out. Can you please pass on this message of thanks to the other volunteers.

Kind regards,

Jim Noble

Director of Boarding
Toowoomba Grammar School

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