New South Brisbane/Gold Coast
Hi there, currently in the new lockdown and watching The Mandalorian and really think it’s time to join up after all this time watching the work you do.
I would like to join as an original trilogy Stormtrooper, as my aim is already terrible Wink , any advice?
I would not want to get Armor from somewhere that is not compliant and I know that the legion has the expert advice I need.

Stay well
Welcome to the forums
Join up to the FISD ( First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment) there is lots of information there and well as a list of vetted sellers.
Sly , one of our members here , is the detachment leader amd a wealth of knowledge, I’m sure he will jump on for advice soon .
Welcome to the forums, the first up advice should serve you well .
Thank you both. I joined thinking that is FISD? Lots of info on both websites, could take a while. Happy to see the community looking after members and posting bad sellers to stay away from. Shall try and make sense of it ALL, could take a while.
Any direct questions feel free to pose in here .
Thank you. Have been reading through, there is so much information and I have barely scratched the surface I am sure. Looking at a New Hope Stormtrooper, reading through. It’s great watching people’s builds of different armours. Great helpful community. White Armor . Net has been good for that specific Armor. Shall keep browsing/reading.
You're taking the right approach to begin with. You can never do too much research. It's important to know the pros and cons of what armour is available, how costumes are different in each movie and how all those things can affect the build you eventually want to start. Then do more research.

Having the FISD detachment leader in our Garrison certainly helps too, and there are soooooo many experienced members here who have taken this path before you. Ask lots of questions and do the research before you commit to spending any money. It could save you $100's in the end.

Did I mention do the research?
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Hey Dr Harry, Welcome aboard!
Have you introduced yourself in the "New Members" section of the FISD forums yet (yes we are you were indeed in the right place.
If not please do because it is going to make your experience so much easier getting some direction from our members.
Also more than happy for you to contact me directly for any assistance you may require.
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