Phantoms DLT19 rebuild .
This is a rebuild of a flexible resin version of a Blastech DLT19 heavy blaster .
Due to the flexible resin used in the casting which makes it less prone to 
damage if dropped it unfortunately can't support its own weight along its 
full length , to counter this an 18mm aluminium inner barrel was inset over 
300mm into the receiver and run through to the muzzle , it has been joined 
to make it permanently one piece , most of the casting seam has been removed
and the butt plate grooves reworked .

[Image: tbkcSc5.jpg] [Image: HL8Xb4hm.jpg]

[Image: ucFdmfrm.jpg][Image: xixr3Awm.jpg][Image: wo9WjKJm.jpg]

[Image: NDzxFvOm.jpg][Image: Ics7yOGm.jpg][Image: vQVlRdgm.jpg]

[Image: LWbs5IYm.jpg][Image: If0aOPCm.jpg][Image: kbyTgixm.jpg]

[Image: uaXIYuXm.jpg][Image: zpid2RSm.jpg][Image: nomZzLGm.jpg]

[Image: BjhYvpPm.jpg][Image: PoatMzTm.jpg]

[Image: pq5mTLWh.jpg][Image: OML6mKMh.jpg]
Very nice, that weathering is on point!
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Brilliant work...well done, can you make me one too ?

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