Meet the crew
Name :Bruce  Rennell
501st ID : RC51173
Forum name :Cyclops
Member of the Redback Garrison since 2013 .

Approved 501st costumes .
Republic Commando (Sev)
Biker Scout
ANH TK (retired)

501st positions held :
Current Redback GCO and member of the Costume Review Committee , previous GXO .

Since the commencement of my TK build in 2012 I developed a passion for Clones and Biker Scouts , since then I have built or assisted to build numerous Clones and TK’s along with many other costumes but my mainstay has been Scouts , (plus the Kashyyyk variant ) of which I have built a considerable number  from various different manufacturers. I look forward to utilising this experience to assist members in their journey towards joining the ranks in the Pathfinders detachment and to assist them in the approval process of their chosen costume .

Useful links : Pathfinders CRL’s

Pathfinders detachment:

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