2012/02/08-11 - TPM Chermside Cinemas
Troop Report 
Date: 08/02/2012, 09/02/2012, 10/02/2012, 11/02/2012.

Venue: Chermside Event Cinemas

Time: 08/02/2012, 09/02/2012, 10/02/2012: 3:30pm+, 11/02/2012: 9:30am+.

Mission: The Phantom Menace Midnight Screening, subsequent screenings, and Kid’s Club screening.

Trooper Attendance: Anakinra, BigMac, Buzzard, Cavalier, DarkVoyd, Fallout, Jimcricket, Mrs Gaillia, Scope, Snarky, Stormraven, Super_Trooper, Zerebin.
[Please PM me any extra names as I don't know everybody].

Guest Trooper Attendance: Bella & Rocco were our more than awesome Jawas!
[Please PM me any extra names as I don't know everybody].

Support Crew: Leilani, MadamSith, Mortogg.
[Please PM me any extra names as I don't know everybody].

Detail: See expanded report.

Charity Funds Raised: $1042.00 from collection tins, and extra from Event Cinemas Management.

Injuries: None.

Malfunctions: Darkvoyd’s thermal detonator was sabotaged by rebels. A mysterious alien vanguard broke his knee strap.

Public Incidents: Local youth intoxicated by spice caused some trouble on Thursday.

Mission Status: The Phantom Menace in 3D was heralded in by the Redback Garrison with great success!

Photos: See expanded report.


TK-4875 reporting in…

To: Lord Vader
Fr: TK-4875, Redback Garrison, 501st Legion
Re: Chermside System Propaganda Campaign.

My Lord,

It was a tense time for the 501st Legion. The Redback Garrison had spread throughout the galaxy to continue the mission of eradicating the Rebel Alliance’s anti-Imperial propaganda, he holodocumentary known as “The Phantom Menace,” from the face of the Known Galaxy.

The fleet had spent 24 standard hours in the Brisbane system to be sure that The Phantom Menace had been eliminated at it's first point of origin. The Imperial Security Bureau had gathered enough intelligence to inform you, Lord Vader, of the primary systems of interest over the Imperial holonet to the fleet. The primary targets would be the following systems: Gold Coast, Logan, Reading, Rockhampton, Indooroopilly, Robina, Sunnybank, and Townsville.

Commanders were assigned units of Stormtroopers according to trooper familiarity of each of the systems. The Redback Garrison was split among the primary attack systems for what would be a multi-day campaign against the Rebel Alliance. We all received our orders and boarded the shuttles we were assigned to, which in turn delivered us to the appropriate Star Destroyer that would enter hyperspace and take us to the various conclusions of The Phantom Menace Campaign.

PART I - The Midnight Screening

Upon arriving in the Chermside system, TIE Fighters were immediately dispatched to engage a small squadron of rebel starfighters trying to escape to hyperspace. The word among the Chermside Campaigners is that the rebel fighters didn’t stand a chance, they tried spinning because they thought that's a good trick - it wasn't.

[Image: IMG_0051.jpg]

Following the Chermside system’s local tradition of screening new holocinema when a chronometer reads 00:00, Imperial Construction Crews had less than 20 hours to deploy the prefabricated base that would be used to execute and operate the Chermside campaign.

[Image: IMG_0050.jpg]

While AT-ST and AT-AT Walkers were deployed to the base, Scout Troopers were shuttled ahead of our own shuttle to establish our vector of entry into the Chermside Event Holocinemas.

[Image: IMG_0049.jpg]

At 10:00pm local Chermside system time, troops and command staff were deployed. All entry and exit points to the holocinema were covered.

[Image: IMG_6433.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6508.jpg]

All droids were checked, ownership verified and a verbal request of the condition of each droid’s motivator given. It was noted that many droid owners often commented that their droid were not hard workers or agreed that they had bad motivators.

[Image: IMG_3958.jpg]

At the confectionary stand, all treats were inspected for rebel listening devices and communications technology - none were found. There was a range of metallic cups scrutinised closely, but were in the end a false alarm. The commerce systems in place were thoroughly investigated for evidence of illegal slicing and accepting anything other than Imperial Credits.

Many of the younger patrons of the holocinema carried cheap replicas of contraband lightsabers. This kept all troopers alert, as any of these could be housing true lightsabers and reveal a hidden Jedi an insurgent of a rebel attack. It was decided by command staff not to confiscate these replicas as keeping peace with innocent locals would help to create a rapport with them and weed out any true rebels.

As the local midnight drew near, two Jedi revealed themselves from plain clothes, their cheap replica lightsabers so sophisticated they actually bypassed all original scrutiny we had given the devices. A battle broke out in the cinema foyer, but the two Jedi escaped with a copy of The Phantom Menace. No matter, the campaign would continue.

[Image: IMG_3930.jpg]

Rumours of Jawas abounded, but there were no confirmed sightings.

[Image: IMG_6498.jpg]

PART II - Breaking the Spice Trade

In the days following, reports of a local spice trader were filtering in to the command staff, and they informed us to be on alert. We had already come across many local adolescent Humans affected by substance abuse, which made our task of identifying rebels all the more difficult. To make matters worse, this meant that we wouldn’t be dealing with just rebels, but perhaps also the Fringe element of the Chermside system. A powerful Hutt gangster had been through the Chermside system recently, and these nights were the Hutt's reputed favourite of the local week.

[Image: IMG_6465.jpg]

Trooper Scope and Trooper Zerebin entered a seedy gaming venue. The Chermside locals challenged the troopers to a local competition known as a ‘bowl off.’ This involved each trooper bowling a single ball. Sensing an opportunity to create an empathy with the locals rather than resort to interrogation, the pair accepted the challenge. Zerebin won the challenge with a ‘strike,’ which is the ability to knock all the pins down with one bowling ball. Zerebin was found to be cheating by removing his glove - he was incarcerated for 12 standard hours for removing part of his uniform.

[Image: IMG_3941.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6454.jpg]

Trooper Darkvoyd was accosted by a group of local Human female youth who toppled him to his back. After the wailing rabble was dispersed with Imperial prejudice, it was discovered that they had laid a trap for the entire strike force by sabotaging Daqrkvoyd’s thermal detonator. Such an oversight would not have occurred if they had been of local adult age as they would have been detained for the assault.

[Image: IMG_3937.jpg]

After investigating more spice-addled local youth, troopers began discovering small discarded pieces of electronics that were originally thought to be the holocinema treat known as 'popping corn.' Upon investigating operational gaming machines, it was soon discovered that some intergalactic Jawa tourists had inadvertently been distributing spice that had unknowingly been planted upon them. The Jawas didn’t even know that the Spice was in the technology they scavenged and/or abandoned.

[Image: IMG_6406.jpg]

Attack of the Younglings

Information from a rebel captured on the outskirts of the holocinema at local time of sunrise indicated that the rebels would try one final attempt to show their “The Phantom Menace” by smuggling back in the copy they escaped with. The Chermside holocinema was having a special younglings screening which would attract massive amounts of children that the rebels could brainwash with their anti-Imperial propaganda. This day was to be the most important of all.

[Image: IMG_6493.jpg]

During the capture of the rebel, Scope was incapacitated, but asked support crew member Mortogg to take up his weapon and armour and get revenge on the rebel scum.

[Image: IMG_0055.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0048.jpg]

Troopers faced overwhelming numbers and command staff were pushed to their logistical limits as record numbers of younglings and droids were escorted into the holocinema complex by their guardians.

[Image: IMG_6414.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4016.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4013.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3990.jpg]

To make matters worse, two Jawas were on a scavenging rampage. There was also a scarred, purple-skinned, alien causing amok saying that he was the scout of an advanced invasion force - he seemed to be frightening the younglings which was against our mission. Our orders were to dispatch him if he proved to be too much trouble, but to try to ignore him to not show pro-Human sentiments.

[Image: IMG_4000.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3965.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4010.jpg]

There was great difficulty in separating potential rebels from ordinary Chermside locals, but all identifications were eventually checked, droids put through diagnostics, younglings questioned, and Imperial taxes collected.

[Image: IMG_6391.jpg]

As a directive from the command staff, the troopers were to pose for as many holoimaging devices as possible to increase Imperial awareness and hopefully spot more hidden lightsabers and signs of rebel activity.

Soon the younglings were rounded together and escorted under Stormtrooper guidance into the holocinema.

[Image: IMG_6507.jpg]

It was here that the sinister effects of rebel brainwashing was revealed. One of the two Jedi that previously escaped earlier in the campaign sprang from the shadows, and youngling Jedi-in-training produced real lightsabers (previously planted under the seats) and attacked the Stormtroopers. Somehow the room had become a smugglers paradise with all the contraband weapons.

[Image: IMG_4039.jpg]

Non-Jedi younglings were kept from being frightened and protected in their seats by troopers throwing them Imperial-themed toys.

[Image: IMG_4028.jpg]

In the holoprojector room of the cinema the second Jedi that had escaped was attempting to upload the offending anti-Imperial propaganda. Troops had the room covered, and a series of blaster bolts saw an end to that Jedi.

[Image: IMG_4041.jpg]

The death of the Jedi led the younglings to their senses and they were spared, and allowed to be seated. The command staff made sure the Imperial-approved version of The Phantom Menace was uploaded to the holoprojector and set the device to play.

[Image: IMG_4034.jpg]

The campaign against the anti-Imperial propaganda, “The Phantom Menace,” was a complete success. I only hope that the rest of the Redback Garrison were as successful!

[Image: IMG_4048.jpg]

TK-4875 signing off…

[Image: fb-cover-starquest-books-longer_zpsbcc6xxgm.jpg]
Awesome report, mate! And an awesome troop as well! Doppeldaumen1
[Image: ytpTSHu.png]

Science! Because figuring things out is better than making stuff up.

Another amazing report there Phoenix.
Good to see it was a success. The kids look exceptionally happy to see you all..
Great work.
I survived Dreamworld 2010
Another good report there! Wink

Who was the Vong? Not one of us?
great job all,TPM troops were awesome fun for all. Smile great pics!
[Image: 24ybjav.png]
Heroes of the Day,Legends Forever
Vong was Ray aka Supa_trooper (RL), amazing how some babies and younlings loved him others were just freaked out.
Duty * Honor * Empire

What do you call a stormtrooper who can hit a target?
TIE Pilot Cheeky
This has to be one of the best reports I have read, Nice work dude

oh and nice work on the troop guys very well done
Fantastic report, very entertaining to read, sounds like everyone had fun, PS: well done on the amount raised too, that's awesome.
Don't know if I enjoyed doing the troop or reading the report more! We raised an awesome amount!!! welldone guys n gals!
.... It's alright for you to judge me,
sitting up there in your airconditioned battle Cruiser!...

[Image: bfb80cfde9949491.png]
Phoenixly Awesome once again mate. It was an awesome 4 days of Trooping. BIG THANKS to all those that made it to the various days, as you couldn't have asked for better people to spend time with! The Cinema staff were excellent, Fans were great and the fund raising outstanding. Hazzah for the Redbacks! You should all be justifiably proud of that effort. Doppeldaumen1
Cheers, Todd "Voyd" TK6086 - Shiny all the way.
[Image: a6c60a375dc66e13.png]
You were deceived and now your Republic shall fall!
:GCSN12: DW2012
Thanks Phoenix for another pro report, excellent work!! These were 4 awesome troops to participate in Doppeldaumen1
Great report again, Was a awesome time out getting to see everyone and the happy faces of the kids and the older but still kids at heart Doppeldaumen1

Thanks again Scope for letting me borrow your TK. don't think I stopped smiling the whole time under that helmet. Jig

Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu. "They were the wrath of the warrior's shadow and the Gauntlet of the Republic"

[Image: sig1.jpg]
Here's my photos from Saturday.

[Image: ytpTSHu.png]

Science! Because figuring things out is better than making stuff up.

Thank you to all who helped raise the $1042 shaking the tins over the last week, awesome effort and we all spent approx 13hrs each collecting that over 4 days.
Thank you Pheonix for another awesome troop reportDoppeldaumen1
you are truely an asset to the Redbacks and we are very lucky to have such a great range of awesome volunteers in the team.

Peace and love redbacks
DW2012 TO DW2015
BN11 TO BN14


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