G'day all!
Hey guys.

I'm a new member to these forums, just signed up yesterday. My name is Andrew, and I'm from Rockhampton.

I currently have a basic Darth Maul costume, that I only wore half of for my 21st birthday last year as it was very hot, making me a more generic Sith that Maul himself.

But, I want to start making it 501st approved and to be as close to canon as I can possibly make it.

If anyone can give me some insight into what the best quality bald caps to use are, that would be amazing.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

Hi Andy, can't offer any advice on the Maul costume but welcome to the forums!
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Hi Andrew, Welcome to the Redback Forums... Smile

You are in good company being in Rocky, as we have some great Local Troopers in that neck of the woods...

I was only passing through there a few weeks back, and caught up with Angelman, Lady Tarkin, and JOker for a fantastic breakfast...

They will be able to help you along on your journey to the dark side in person...

If you haven't already, sign up on the Sith lord detachment forums and introduce yourself there as well.


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Welcome to the forums Andy!
If you were serious about being as cannon as possible you are going to have to shave your skull.........ha ha ha ha...do it, do it

show Lord Vader that you are committed to him

kidding...welcome mate
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Thanks everyone! Looking forward to possibly meeting a few fellow Rockhamptonite's in person!
Welcome Andy, there a few members up your way but most have done stormtroopers but there are some doing up some other Sith lords as well. I've heard that the biggest problem with maul isn't the costume as such but getting the tattoos right, still sign up to the Sith Lords forums and they will be able to give you some further guidance.
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Hey there Andy and welcome to the Redbacks. You have a lot of help up there in Rocky.

As for the Maul costume, there are a few guys here who are doing or have done a Maul and they can help you out. I would also suggest jumping on http://www.501stsithlords.com/ for all things sith lords. Sign up there and I am sure there will be a lot of help for you and while there you can do all the research on Maul while you are there.

Here is the Costume Reference Library (CRL) for the Maul costume http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL-Maul

Good luck and have fun with the build.
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Welcome to the forums, Andy!
Hey Andy. Welcome to RBG. I've been slowly working on a Maul for the last 2 years. But sorry, I can't help with Bald caps, as I just go for the shaved head option. :P
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Welcome Andy, good luck with your Build.
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Hey Andrew, I'm one of the local Rockhampton troopers, so glad you found us (actually I'm curious, how did you find us?)
Wish I'd seen your post earlier, we had an armour party (AP) yesterday at Nerf & Kitteh's place.
I'm sure we're going to have more armour parties this year as we have quite a few cadets that are at various stages of their costume builds.
We'll have to meet and we'll get you 'verified' so that you can access other areas of the forums (like the For Sale/Trade area).
Um, there are no 'generic sith' so you may have to think about your costume choice. Would love to have a Maul here though, it's not an easy costume to build to screen accurate (hope you know someone who sews very well), also the face make up/tattoos are a right royal pain. (Once you've been approved I believe it is acceptable to troop with a professionally made latex mask as a substitute (may need to double check on that)).
Welcome to a wonderful journey that is the 501st, the Redback Garrison are awesome, so many amazing people who are happy to help.
Have you seen the documentary "Heart of an Empire"? I have one you can loan (warning have a box of tissues handy, it's quite moving in places).

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Welcome tithe forums Andy.
Unfortunatly you missed me, I'm in Rocky as we speak but only for a few more hours. Would have been good to meet you.
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Welcome man, I'm another Rocky cadet. Good to have another one in this area. Seems the Imperial influence is truly growing rapidly here =)
Welcome, dont know what's in the water around Rocky, seems to be an explosion of new recruits lately

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