Wildlife Warriors Saugage Sizzle - 28/07/2013
Troop Report 
Woolworths Market Plaza, Caboolture

10 till 3, but it really was 10:30 till 1:30

To help raise well needed money for Steve Irwin's Animal Rescue Hospital in Beerwah

Trooper Attendance:
Payney - R2
Muppet - Vader
Duras - TK
Solo - TK
TheSniper - Tusken
Ashbash - Bo Katan
Jaster - Wrangler/Photographer

Guest Trooper Attendance:

The Mission:
Our mission was simple, suit up, and help raise money for Steve. I arrived at 0930 to find the Wildlife Warriors prepping the area for a sausage fest. Unloaded my little friend, met Duras, Muppet and Sniper in the car park, and proceeded inside to scout out the changing facilities. The troopers made good use of the change rooms, and were then joined by Solo, and an under-the-weather Ashbash. I stayed outside with R2 to warm the crowd, and Jaster showed up as support. at about 1030 the troopers were ready and had assembled out the front to a building crowd of fans. We posed for pictures and collected donations. Our presence there had outdone last months guest of "The Stig" in the first 30 minutes. You can't repell awesomeness of that magnitude!!!

The troopers did an amazing job, staying suited up for as long as they did. Only ducking inside for a short breather and back at it. By about 1200, a light shower had formed and the crowds started to die down. Ash had done as much as she could, being tired from the night before, suited down and wrangled for the rest of the troop. By 1300 the crowds were gone. Muppet, Sniper and Duras got changed, which left a "Solo" trooper with the Astromech. Solo stuck in there till around 1340 when the Warriors decided to start packing the bbq up. The gloomy sky and a mist of rain had softened the crowds.

As a big thanks, each member was treated to free food and drinks, and we also received an Australia Zoo pin as a reward for our efforts.

Funds Raised:
$312 in donations

Sniper received a nasty armour bite in a soft costume Rolleyes


Public Incidents:
Cherokee fell in love with R2 and Star Wars. We also managed to lure some future cadets to the dark side


[Image: 1008953_485852591501102_1493455532_o.jpg]

[Image: 1079073_485852518167776_522453819_o.jpg]

[Image: 969217_485852034834491_2035393302_n.jpg]

[Image: 981457_485852948167733_366731453_o.jpg]

[Image: 1016878_485851851501176_1705763068_n.jpg]
[Image: 36487379910_dbb9166743_o.png]

$300 !! not a bad effort.
Budgie, don't know how you ended up with "armour" bites in a soft costume Smile
lol sausage fest Cheeky
The thank card with the pin was a very nice surprise and quickly added to my shirt
DW2013 to DW2018
What a great troop! And well done to Solo who was still in armour when we all had enough.
Cherokee's energy was great as well Smile
[Image: SIG_zpsed128473.jpg]
:GCSN12: DW2012 BN12
GCSN13 :DW13:
It was an awesome day can't wait for the next troop Doppeldaumen1
Nice work Troopers, who says TK's don't do any work Solo.
Stormtroopers: instant recognition combined with complete anonymity
:GCSN12: DW2012 BN12 GCSN13 :DW13:
great job team
DW2012 TO DW2015
BN11 TO BN14

Yeah good troop guys, not hard to see where Cherokee gets her energy from. Cheeky
[Image: 47f92236e9a9fa48.png]

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