Tally ho!
Hello Old chaps!

My Names Chay, I just wanted to introduce myself on here and to the 501st. I managed to get to Oz con Saturday and finally meet you guys out back as well as the Head honcho as iam a good friend of kaladan. After months of pestering from him I'm finally here and can't thank him enough. I always planned to join but never did. I'm an Englishmen and have been out here for about 11 years and have been collectioning since i was a wee boy.. havent we all.

As with all of us we have a love/ passion for Star Wars, with Episode 7 on the Horizon and with the a new generation of Star Wars fans (Que Imense Excitment) it's great i can share this time with fellow conrades. I plan to just get in as an Officer/ gunner/tie pilot first off and gradually tone down on my collecting so i can afford a decent unique costume...Collecting is evil. Where did my Tax go you say... well erm Vintage figures blue snaggletooth,lightsabers etc etc...doh!!

So anyway its with great pleasure to finally get here and finally meet you guys and i look forward to getting in making friends and doing Charity work for children amonst other missions..


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Welcome Wink
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Hi Chay, welcome.
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G'day Chay, welcome aboard
Welcome Chay, Im sure you've had a few chats with kaladan and have had a chance to look at some costumes already. If you are interested in doing a Tie pilot have a look at this forum here http://www.jrs501st.com/forums/index.php but if you like officers look at this one http://www.imperialofficer.com/forum/
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Welcome Chay.
Its good to see your first post at last Smile
This is a great group and it was great for Chay to meet some of you at Oz Comic Con.
Now you have to get work on that crewman uniform.
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Welcome Chay.
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Welcome to the forums Chay.
Welcome and good luck with your build mate.
Do your research, ask questions, look at previous armour build threads and don't buy anything until you've had the nod from the members who know!
Good luck!
Cheers guys will put every bit of effort into it.

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