Hi from North Lakes
Hi everybody,
My name is Glenn Hill.
I have been looking at doing something along this path for so long and just never started. After being encouraged by my family and lots of looking into it I have my heart set on becoming a member of the 501st Redback Garrison as a Stormtrooper.
I have started my research on armour (wow lots more complicated than I thought) and any advise you have would be greatly appreciated.
I must admit to being very excited about starting my journey to becoming a Stormtrooper and look forward to have great times with the Garrison members.
Went to comicon on Sunday love what you all do ( I had a blast) so to speak.
I live in North lakes and look forward to catching up with you all soon.
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Hi Glenn and welcome to the Redbacks forums.
Sign up on www.whitearmour.net (FISD) it is an awesome resource for everything Stormtrooper once there, check out the Getting started tab on the left of the page.
Good to see another Northsider, have fun.
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Welcome Glenn
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"

Woo hoo more northsiders. Welcome to the Redbacks. Glad you enjoyed our antics at OZ Comic Con.
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Hi welcome Glen
Great choice the most recognisable armour!
Hope you enjoy your time here, make sure to ask lots of questions, look at other Stormtrooper build threads and don't buy anything until you've checked with other members who can assist.
Good luck!
Hey Glenn and welcome

Yes there is a lot to take in but don't be daunted it is all very achievable and we are all here to help each other too.
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As I new member as well I agree it can be all a bit daunting but I also agree with Duras's comments about helping each other. It is great to see current members being so inclusive of the newbies. Based on the kind comments and welcomes I've received so far, I'm feeling a lot more confident.
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Welcome Dw Stormtroopers are great iconic costumes, it sounds as though you have started your research but as you go along don't worry about asking lots of Questions ( even they seem a bit silly ) it is much better to ask too many questions than not enough.
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Thanks for the very warm welcome everybody,
I have taken your advise on the FISD, I am looking at a couple of the armours in AM as recommended for the larger trooper.

cheers and thanks again
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Glenn I'm only about 30 mins north from you so if you want to meet up to see some kit close up PM me and can arrange something

Otherwise I work in the cbd if you want to just have a chat or ask some questions in person
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Hi Glenn
Welcome to the redbacks and great to see someone else in NL
Welcome Dw!
Stormtrooper is a great choice ( I may be a little bias)
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Welcome to the forums Glenn.
Hi Glen
and a very warm Welcome to the Red Back Garrison.
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