Stormtrooper costume approval/adjustments...
Hi guys

I'm sure you've heard this a million and one times, so immediately I offer an apology. Firstly let me introduce myself.

My name is Lee and I live in Brisbane. I took my boys to a MAY THE 4TH event recently where they had photo opportunities with their Star Wars heroes. Having speaking with some of the troopers I heard all about the amazing things you all do for charity. Seeing the smiles on my boys faces when then troopers all walked in was truly special and inspired me to do get into this and put smiles on other kids/people faces that need it. The only costume that I was ever going to get was mine and my boys favourite ANH Stormtrooper. I did a lot of research but if I'm totally honest became overwhelmed with the amount of different suppliers/costumes/detail.

In the end I opted with a costume from Shepperton Design Studio. I have since found out that these costumes might not make the cut to join the 501st Legion. I'm still awaiting delivery.

I contacted Longfin Squad who was very helpful and suggested I post on this forum. I understand that in-depth photos of all armour needs to be taken before any approval takes place. So my question to you is, what should be my next cause of action be?  Can anyone help me look at the current costume and help/advise with any adjustments/modifying the Shepperton armour that is needed? Is there anyone that I should send the armour in it's current form or is there anyone in Brisbane that could help me directly.

I want to give it my best shot to be able to join this awesome Legion and deliver the fantastic work you guys carry out, and to make my family proud of me.

Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Lee , welcome to the forums, your first step in the journey to fulfilling your dream of becoming a stormtrooper, we have the luxury of having Andrew “Sly” Franke the current FISD ( that’s all things stormtrooper) Detachment Leader and one of the Garrisons costume judges . This is the first place you should start , the detachment is the repository for all things associated with the costumes and the staff will help you on your journey.
Hi Lee, welcome to the redback forums.
Definitley join Whitearmor as bruce has suggested.
There is a "Getting started" section full of info but also make sure you introduce yourself in the "New memebrs introductions" area as well.
We will get you sorted.
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Thank you so much Cyclops and Sly for pointing me in the right direction...I'll definitely do that and looking forward to hopefully getting what I need to become part of this legendary group.
No problem Lee, we are here to help.
"The Death Star plans are not in the main computer"

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Hi Lee
Welcome to the forums, Sly and Cyclops have given you the key advice, can I also strongly recommend when you start you build to do a build thread on our forums here as this will also help you get advice on your progress , when you submit your costume for approval we also refer to your build thread for any information we might need.
Good luck , please ask questions if you need to

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