Application Photos
Congratulations! You've worked long and hard to finish your costume and now it's time to take your pictures and submit them to the GML and the Costume Review Committee for review. There are several angles you will need to take as well as some "tips" on how to make those shots count.

Here's some tips to help you take the best possible pictures.

1. Background:
It is required that the background you choose is a solid colour and there are no items strewn about to distract from your costume. Make sure the solid-coloured background is a contrasting colour so that your armor does not blend in. (eg: Stormtroopers should not use a white or black or dark coloured background, but something like blue or green would work) If your background is not contrasting and/or there are other items in the background that makes it hard to view your photos you could be asked to re-submit.

2. Flash/No Flash:
Some of the parts of your costume may be reflective without you even knowing it. Take two sets of each picture, with flash and without, and determine which is more crisp, clear, and shows the accurate colours, weathering, etc.

3. Lighting:
It will be a quicker approval process if we can see what we are looking at. The best case scenario is to take pictures outside on a sunny day with the sun in front of you, behind the photographer. If you cannot accomplish this, indoor pictures are also acceptable, but please be sure the area is WELL LIT, natural light is best.

4. Cropping:
We are looking at your pictures solely to determine if you are eligible to become a full member. We do not need to see your couch, your children, or your tv. Please be sure the area is clear and crop the picture so it focuses on you. No other modification to the photo is permitted.

5. Focus:
Up close, detailed pictures require a different type of focus than full-length pictures. Please be sure to accommodate for this, as most costumes have an item that requires a singular picture to show the colour scheme, detail, etc. (eg: The TIE comm pad) All digital cameras today have a macro setting, this setting is the one with a little flower looking thing on the camera and it is used for pictures taken close up. If your pictures are blurry or fuzzy they will be knocked back and you will be asked to re-submit.

6. Review:
After you take your photos and crop them, if necessary, please review them yourself and see if anything is out of focus or can't be seen clearly. Make sure all photos are clear and in high res. It's easier to take another couple of pictures while still in costume rather than to be requested to re-submit more photos during the review process.

7. Email
That's it! Submit your pictures to the GML for review and we'll be contacting you soon!

Email the photos to Make sure that the attachments are 5meg or less per email. Compress images using winzip, use dropbox or similar, or a free site that allows you to share large files (eg


A full body shot from the front with your helmet on.
[Image: Front.jpg]

A full body shot from the back with your helmet on.
[Image: Rear.jpg]

A full body shot from the left with your helmet on.
[Image: LHS.jpg]

A full body shot from the right with your helmet on.
[Image: RHS.jpg]

A shot from the front, only from the waist up.
[Image: BucketOff.jpg]

Any costume-specific details that cannot be seen clearly in your other photos need to be photographed separately.
ie sandy back pack details, TK helmet close ups to show mesh, teeth, lense and if it is a MRCE helmet the mods, hose connections on tie, fett jetpack, gauntlets, belt.
[Image: Detail01.jpg]

[Image: Detail02.jpg]

[Image: Detail03.jpg]

[Image: Detail04.jpg]

[Image: Detail05.jpg]

[Image: Detail06.jpg]

[Image: Detail07.jpg]

[Image: Detail08.jpg]

[Image: Detail09.jpg]

[Image: Detail10.jpg]

You do not have to stand like a mannequin for this shot. We've seen all angles of your armor...this is your time to shine! The action shot is a chance to display your armor in movement.
[Image: Action01.jpg]

[Image: Action02.jpg]

Why do you want to include a few action shots? The simple answer is as follows. Which picture would you want as your 501st Legion profile picture:
Trooper A
[Image: tk5065_full.jpg]
Trooper B
[Image: tk5389_full.jpg]
The pictures you take will end up become your picture on the 501st website that the entire world will see. Give us a good action shot to work with.

Thanks to seantrooper CC 8079, SupaTrooper TK 5065, Phantom TK 5389 for the use of their photos.
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"

A word of advice given to me when i first did my TK by our then GML, make sure you take the bucket off pics before you do the rest, otherwise you'll have helmet hair...
Just a bit of a bump for this thread.

A number of photos recently that have come in for approval have been poor to say the least. Until now the GMLs & the CRC have done our best with what we have been provided to start the approval process. Invariably comments go back and additional clearer photos have been requested for some items. What this does is it extends the time for your approval.

With that in mind we will now be bumping photos back to you if they are unfit for approval (unclear, too dark, blurry etc) for you to re-take the photos for approval. So please make sure that you have nice clear, crisp photos it will not just make our (GMLs & CRC) job easier but it will make the approval process easier and hopefully quicker.

So please read through this thread, ensure that your photos are high enough quality so that we (GMLs & CRC) can zoom in to look at the details clearly, make sure you cover all parts of the costume and have a look at them before you take your armour off to do your own quality check. If you are in doubt of what additional photos are required, aside from the standard front, sides, rear, action and bucket off, look at the CRL and make sure that your photos cover what is shown and described in the CRL or just PM the GML.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.
"Research, THEN, make it look like the picture!"


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