May The 4th Be With You - Children's Hospital Ward Visit
Troop Report 
Date - 4th May 2022

Venue - Gold Coast University Hospital; Children's Ward and Outpatients

Time - 9.45 kit up, 10ish start time

Mission - To bring the Redback awesome, and smiles to the kids faces!

Trooper Attendance - Rubber, BobaCanuk, Ktty, Meowied_Cass & Drone

Support Crew - Mary, our contact from the hospital, was wonderful and hang out with us the whole time in her adorable Jedi costume!

Details - We were able to secure some free parking from the hospital, which was much appreciated! We all met up there and made our way through the maze that is the GCUH, and then met Mary who was dressed in the cutest Jedi outfit from bit and pieces from her wardrobe, so clever! We kitted up and made our way around the ward - it was a little hard as some kids couldn't have visitors and some were just a little scared! The doctors and nurses were ABSOLOUTELY thrilled we were there, everyone is a kid at heart! We made some people very happy, and spread cheer and Star Wars all through the ward! 
We were even able to follow that fun up with a quick interview with Channel 9! A big thank you to everyone who was able to come along

Charity Funds Raised - Whilst staff donated to wear fun Star Wars related gear, this was not a fundraise event

Injuries/Malfunctions - N/A

Public Incidents - Aside from the usual Kylo = Vader comments, nothing crazy! We even managed to hijack an interview with Channel 9! 

Mission Status - SUCCESS

Photos - 
[img]<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>[/img]

[img]<a href=""><img src="" title="source:" /></a>[/img]
We didn't get a chance to take many photos ourselves!
That was a lot of fun, hopefully we get more hospital visits. The staff were great and loved us, but seeing some of those kids really makes all of this worth it. And seeing some of them really gives you perspective on things as well.
Well done everyone, good to see Hospitals back on the agenda .
Thank you Ktty for your patience and organizing this.
It was a really good troop, lots of fun and the smiles on everyone's faces is why we do it.
Hopefully we be able do more in the future. Great couple of hours.

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