May 4th Hospital Visit - GCUH
Troop Report 
Date – Thursday May 4th

Venue – Gold Coast University Hospital – Paed’s Unit

Time – 9am

Mission – To bring the Redback awesome to the children’s ward, and help celebrate May 4th!

Trooper Attendance
Rubber – ANH TD
Ktty – Jawa
MyKill – ANH TI
BobaCanuk – ROTJ Boba Fett
Zerebin – TROS Kylo
MaggiD – Mon Mothma

Support Crew
The very lovely Mary from the hospital!

We attended the Gold Coast University Hospital on May 4th to visit the children (and staff!) in the paediatric ward, clinic and emergency rooms. We attended last year and they loved having us back! Getting to visit hospitals is such a special part of what we do, I believe. We got to visit sooooo many different children, and bring smiles to quite a few of them! I also think the staff were just as excited to see us! Hospital visits can be quite hard for some of us but I think we did ok for the most part this visit! We even had a somewhat non-verbal child say bye to us which shocked their mother!
We finished up the day with a quick interview from Channel 9 News and we hope to be invited back to the hospital whenever they need a little cheering up!
Our contact Mary is so lovely and she is always very appreciative of what we do!

Charity Funds Raised – N/A

Injuries/Malfunctions – Ktty cut her finger at the end of the event carrying her crate, thankfully MyKill saved the day with a bandaid!
BobaCanuk had a boot issue at the end, but it was hardly noticeable! We also had a bit of an adventure finding some cars at the end of the event

Public Incidents – NIL! Outside of the usual scared kids from Jawa eyes and ‘strange’ characters in a hospital!

Mission Status – An incredibly wonderful success!

Photos -
Sounds like it was a wonderful troop.
Great effort troopers!
"I can't see a thing in this helmet."
Awesome troop , great to see the hospital visits return.
Thank you Ktty for organizing this great event again.
The smiles on everyone's faces are what make it a wonderful troop.

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