Please welcome SL-8548 JOker
Awesome!!! That looks fabulous!
good work mate.
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Well Done!!
Awesome. Congrats! Peace
Bunnies..... The cutest things ever!
Hey garret, I think you got something stuck in your teeth :P
Clones are cooler
Well Done JOker. Looks awesome. Didn't see this one coming you kept it real quite.
Again freaken awesome
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Brilliant look mate .
Seeing as though you have collected most of the Maul toys, this shouldn't have surprised everyone, just the next logical step. Well done, it fits you very well and is completely freaky in real life (in a good way, it's very unnerving having Darth Maul in a room with you). Next question will be, when is he coming out to play?
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Excellent! Well done.
Nice work Joker,
looks fantastic.
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Well done Joker, looks fab!!
Thank you all so very much.

This costume is just a little bit special for me, Maul has been my favourite character for a very, very long time, basically since the moment I first saw him (much like my obsession with the Joker) as Angelman mentioned I have a rather large collection of merchandise relating to him, and when I first began the quest to join the 501st, this was one costume that I'd added to my bucket list as on that I definitely wanted to build, and to have it approved is an awesome feeling.

All things going well, I hear that this Phantom Menace is pretty keen to make an appearance at BrisNova, so hopefully it won't be too long before you all get to see him firsthand.
Top job! Congrats on the approval Smile

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That's pretty damn amazing, well done!

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